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Best Materials

We use best quality material available in the industry to produce our products.

  • Powder Coated Aluminum Frames:Our furniture frames are made of high quality commercial grade aluminum, which ensures the structural integrity and stability of each piece. Our furniture can be practically moved around because of its light weight and last for long time because of the anti rust element. As a structure it gives longer life than any other material as it can withstand highest and lowest temperatures.
  • Synthetic Fibres:We use premium weaving material suitable for all types of outdoor furniture as well as home accessories. Each piece is carefully hand-woven over a powder-coated aluminum frame and constructed to exact specifications. Weaving material is light-weight and durable with its synthetic blends that offer UV protection and resistance to water so it can be left outside in any weather condition requiring very low maintenance.
  • Water Repellent Fabric:Cushions are made from special fabric which is water repellent and stain resistance. It also has high resistance to UV rays degradation.

Master Craftsmanship

However, using the best materials available is only half the story. We put a huge emphasis on training and constantly upgrading the skills of our employees which helps in producing exceptionally tight and tidy finished products.

Quality Control

We have stringent quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process – from framing to powder coating – weaving to final finishing. Only then, and only then, are our products ready for packaging.

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